Polidocanol zinc oxide shaking mixture 3/5 or 10% (nrf 11.66.) [white/skin coloured].

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

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Last updated on: 21.07.2021

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Polidocanol 3,0/5,0/10,0
Iron oxide stem trituration, medium -/0,8
Zinc oxide 20,0
Talc 20,0
Glycerol 85% 30,0
Aqua purif. ad 100.0

In case of itchy dermatitis and pruritus for local anaesthesia and simultaneous cooling, deswelling and drying, especially in case of seborrhoea, apply 2-3 times/day to the affected areas with a brush. Shake before use! Cleaning with olive oil. Add: "Da cum penicillo" (co-prescription of the brush on the prescription).

Use by date: 6 months

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Last updated on: 21.07.2021