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Will the Encyclopedia remain free?

Yes. Each accredited user can access one specialist article per day for free (non-cumulative). Further access requires a premium account.

Does Cases & Questions stay free?


Will the Image Diagnosis Tool remain free?

Yes. Results are displayed according to Efflorescence, Color and Localization. In addition, one specialist article per day remains free.

Will the monthly newsletter remain free?


Can I accidentally incur charges without realizing it?


Can I cancel Premium anytime?

Yes. After receiving your payment, you can cancel your premium membership at any time and use it until it expires. After that, your account remains accredited but has limited access.

Can an account be shared with others?

No. The legislator requires us to accredit each specialist account individually (Premium or Free).

What happens to shared accounts?

If multiple users share an account, technical issues will come up, which may result in permanent bans for all devices and users.

I already share an account with others - what needs to be done?

Account holder is the person whose name, accreditation and contact information is stored in the profile. The other users must register/accredit separately.

How many devices can I use?

Multiple devices possible for premium users. Free users one device only.

How is my premium account billed?

You pay by automatic debit transfer or credit card and receive an invoice by email. Subscriptions are payable in advance and automatically renew before the end of the term.

Can I use my Springer Medical account?

No. We do provide some of our content to Springer Medical. Beyond that, however, no data is exchanged.

How do you handle my personal data?

We will never share your personal data with others. If you want to delete your account, we will permanently delete all your data.

Will Altemeyers remain a 100% independent specialist portal in the future?