Equiseti herba

Authors: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer, Prof. Dr. med. Martina Bacharach-Buhles

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Cannabis herb; common horsetail (engl.); Equisetum arvense; field horestail (engl.); Horsetail; Scrubweed

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Medicinally used green summer shoots of horsetail. The extracts of the horsetail herb contain about 10% mineral components such as silicic acid and water-soluble silicates; furthermore 0.2-0.9% flavone glycosides (mainly kaempferol and quercitin), polyenoic acid, bitter substances and resins. Alkaloids such as nicotine also occur in small amounts.

HMPC mon ograph: Traditional-use: Internal: Mild urinary complaints, increase urine output, flushing of the draining urinary tract; External: Treatment of superficial wounds.
ESCOP monograph: Internal: flushing of the urinary tract, for inflammation and kidney gravel; adjuvant in the treatment of bacterial urinary tract infections; external: hemostatic, for wound healing.
Commission E-monograph: Internal: post-traumatic or static edema, for irrigation of the urinary tract in case of infection or renal gravel. Externally: poorly healing wounds.

Empirical medicine: As a blood purifier in gout and rheumatism, mild catarrh, connective tissue strengthening, brittle fingernails, internally and externally for wound treatment.

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Diuretic, antimicrobial, wound healing, connective tissue strengthening, antioxidant, hepatoprotective.

Field of application/use
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Internal: for accompanying treatment of post-traumatic edema.

Externally: poorly healing wounds, e.g. ulcus curisApplications
as tea, as ethanolic extracts; the extract can also be incorporated 3% in ointments.

Preparation: Tea: 1 teaspoon of the crushed drug with a cup of water on a low heat for 6 minutes, then rinse. Tea can be administered internally. Several times 1 cup of tea/day.

Preparation of tea for compresses: prepare 10g of drug per 1 l of water as above. Also for rinses.

Undesirable effects
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allergic reaction, mild gastrointestinal symptoms

Trade names
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Bladder Kidney Tea Uroflux® vegetable tea, Buccotean®, Buccotean® TF, Dr. Klinger's Bergische Bladder and Kidney Tea, Fugacid® Bladder Tea, Urinary Tea 400, Hernia Tea, Nieron® Tea N

Combination preparation:

= Nephroselect M® . Dosage:1-1-1El

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Since silicic acid does not volatilize, you can prepare larger quantities of horsetail tea at once.

Caution: confusion with other horsetails such as swamp horsetail, which contains much more toxic alkaloids.

During irrigation therapy, ensure sufficient additional fluid intake - at least 2 l / day extra!

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