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Last updated on: 27.01.2022

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Medical healing science that seeks to use the self-regulating forces of the organism for treatment ( holistic medicine). Not all naturopathic methods are currently scientifically validated. In this encyclopedia, naturopathic therapy is described within the respective clinical picture.

The 5 classical pillars of naturopathy according to Pastor Sebastian Kneipp are:

Exercise therapy

Nutritional therapy

Order therapy



Furthermore there are the following procedures:

The naturopathic treatment of the individual dermatoses can be found in the dermatological database under the respective clinical picture under naturopathy

General definition
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Naturopathic therapy methods: Acupuncture, anthroposophic medicine, aromatherapy, elimination methods, autogenic training, autologous immunotherapy, Bach flower therapy, bioresonance therapy, autohemotherapy, electroacupuncture, enzyme therapy, nutritional therapy, therapeutic fasting, hydrotherapy, manual medicine, music therapy, neural therapy, order therapy, orthomolecular therapy, physical therapy, phytotherapy, progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen, reflex zone therapy, oxygen and ozone therapy, cupping therapy, symbiosis therapy.