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Authors: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer, Prof. Dr. med. Martina Bacharach-Buhles

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Last updated on: 17.03.2024

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General lifestyle to maintain or restore the health of the body and psyche. Order therapy is the cornerstone of all naturopathic treatment methods. It intervenes in the patient's lifestyle, concerns nutrition, exercise, alternation of tension and relaxation, as well as stress management. In modern language, it includes work-life balance. Depending on the illness, this is supplemented by avoiding trigger factors such as allergens or other triggering causes, see under the respective illness.

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Harmonisation of bodily functions, reawakening or increasing the self-healing powers and the patient's own responsibility for his body to prevent or cure diseases. Avoidance or reduction of influences from the environment that cause illness - toxins (nicotine, alcohol, drugs), allergens, malnutrition, stress factors, and finally protection of the body against damage from outside or itself (excessive ambition).

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In dermatology

allergic diseases: urticaria, atopic eczema, contact allergic eczema, photoallergic eczema, drug exanthema

triggerable diseases: psoriasis, lichen ruber, epidermolysis, seborrheic eczema, acne, rosacea, perioral dermatitis

Tumours and precanceroses: Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratoses, leukoplakia

toxic diseases: dermatitis solaris, burns, burns, phototoxic eczema,

Itchy and infectious diseases: prurigo forms, scabies, impetigo, pyoderma, tinea,

psychosomatic diseases: artifacts, dermatomania,

nutritional/triggered diseases: xanthelasmata, intertrigo, candidiasis, obesity, anorexia nervosa

drug-induced diseases: steroid skin, striae cutis distensae,

Pregnancy/nursing period
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No contraindication-

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A lifestyle individually tailored to the patient, avoidance of physically or psychologically damaging influences, see also the indication and the individual clinical pictures, sufficient exercise without excessive demands, healthy nutrition avoiding too much or too little nutrients, vitamins, calories etc., adapted rest phases to balance the activity phases, sufficient sleep avoiding permanent laziness, .

Depending on the individual, this includes diets, physiotherapy, sports programmes, different relaxation techniques, psychotherapy if necessary.

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