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  • (¤ 1852,  1918) Dermatologist. Born in Neisse (Upper Silesia) as the son of a family of lawyers. A-levels in Berlin. Studied medicine from 1872-1876 in Berlin, Bonn and Strasbourg. Doctorate in Strasbourg in 1876 (topic: contributions to the pathology and therapy of hypospadias).
  • 1877 assistant to Ferdinand v. Hebra in Vienna.
  • 1879 change to Breslau to Oskar Simon. 1882 change of training school again; moves to Leipzig; there habilitation on the subject "Treatises on Syphilis maligna".
  • 1885 first edition of the "Lehrbuch der Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten". This was followed by 13 further editions until 1914.
  • 1892 appointment to the newly founded dermatological chair at the University of Berne.
  • In 1896, as successor to Georg Richard Lewin, appointment to the Dermatological Clinic of the Charité/Berlin, where he was appointed full professor in 1912. His successor in Bern was Joseph Jadassohn.
  • In 1889 Lesser founded the German Dermatological Society together with Moriz Kaposi, Josef Doutrelepont, Josef Pick and Albert Neisser. Together with Neisser and Blaschko, he founded the German Society for the Control of Venereal Diseases in 1902.
  • 4 of his students later became successors to the Berlin chair: Georg Arndt, Franz Blumenthal, Walter Frieboes, Heinrich Löhe. Among his habilitation candidates were Erich Hoffmann and Felix Pinkus.

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