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(¤ 1868,  1947) Dermatologist, working in Berlin, Monroe (USA).
  • Training at the Wroclaw Skin Clinic. 1900 Established as dermatologist in Berlin. 1897 Felix Pinkus described rudimentary sebaceous glands as the "coat of the hair follicle". 1902 description of the hair disc, 1902 description of the earliest histopathological changes of the lichen planus, 1907 description of the lichen nitidus. In 1910 he published a textbook on skin and sexually transmitted diseases. 1916 habilitation with a thesis on "the influence of diseases on human scalp hair".
  • In contrast to his son Hermann Pinkus, Felix Pinkus remained in Germany in 1939 and suffered the escalation of suppression by the National Socialists. In 1933 he was deposed as secretary of the German Society for the Fight against Sexually Transmitted Diseases. In 1934 he was removed from the teaching staff of the Berlin University. He had to give up his apartment and practice. In 1938 all Jewish doctors were deprived of their appointment. Only 709 received permission to continue to work as doctors, but only for Jewish patients and not as doctors, but as "Krankenbehandler". Felix Pinkus was able to escape at the beginning of the World War via Oslo, Copenhagen and Vladivostok to San Francisco, where he arrived in January 1941. He died in Monroe/USA in 1947.

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  1. Pinkus F (1917) The effect of diseases on human scalp hair. S. Karger, Berlin


Last updated on: 29.10.2020