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(¤ 1874, † 1929) German dermatologist. Studied medicine in Berlin. Dermatological training in various places: Geneva, Paris. Subsequently worked with Joseph Jadassohn in Bern. 1906 Return to Berlin to the dermatological clinic (Charité) run by E. Lesser. 1911 habilitation. During the First World War, Arndt was head of a ward for skin and sexually transmitted diseases on the Eastern Front. In 1916, he was appointed professor at the Clinic for Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases at the University of Strasbourg. After the entry of the French troops into Alsace he had to leave the clinic. In 1919 Georg Arndt was appointed professor at the dermatological clinic of the Charité. Franz Blumenthal and Heinrich Adolf Gottron were among Arndt's postdoctoral students. Other students were Egon Keining, Carl Friedrich Funk and Asta Mallinckroth-Haupt.

Field of research: Scleromyxedema (Arndt-Gottron syndrome). Together with Heinrich Adolf Gottron, groundbreaking clinical description of the scleromyxedema named after Arndt and Gottron. Other research areas: parapsoriasis en plaques, anular granuloma, sporotrichosis.

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