Adiposity skin changes s.u. jeweiligem Krankheitsbild

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Last updated on: 26.12.2021

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Skin and obesity; Skin changes in obesity

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Obesity, often in classic association with the metabolic syndrome with alcoholic or non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases), may lead to xanthomas, xanthelasmas via associated lipometabolic disorders, but also to an increased incidence of diabetogenic skin diseases via hyperinsulinemia and diabetes mellitus (see also below diabetes mellitus, skin changes). Indirectly associated consequences of obesity are intertrigial infections or plantar (pressure-associated) hyperkeratoses (calluses).

With increasing body mass index (BMI) the frequency of diseases also increases. In addition, there are a number of syndromes characterized by skin changes and obesity as well as other symptoms.

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Last updated on: 26.12.2021