Acanthosis nigricans benigna L83

Authors: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer, Prof. Dr. med. Martina Bacharach-Buhles

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Last updated on: 10.11.2022

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acanthosis nigricans juvenilis; pseudoacanthosis nigricans

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Name for all benign non-paraneoplastic forms of acanthosis nigricans. See classification under Acanthosis nigricans.

Clinical features
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There are extensive, usually blurred dirty-brown spots that merge into very flat plaques. Typical is a leathery, in the intertriginous zones (axillae, liver regions, also neck and nape regions) also verrucous surface of the plaques. Complaints are usually not present. In the intertrigines there is a risk of microbial colonization causing an unpleasant musty foetor (see below Acanthosis nigricans).

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