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Composite art term made up of "granules" and "enzymes". The term "granzyme" refers to proteases that are active in the intracellular granules of defence cells, especially in cytotoxic (CD8+) T cells. To date, > 10 different granzymes are known (A to M). Granzymes are assisted by the enzyme perforin, which docks to the membranes of target cells and creates pore-like structures there. After the formation of pores by Perforin, granzymes can digest the amino acid serine. Granzymes, together with Perforin, are thus responsible for the apoptosis of endogenous and foreign cells. Thus, their importance lies in the defence against infections, transplanted foreign tissue, tumour cells and autoimmune diseases (see also lichen planus, lichenoidal drug exanthema, panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma ).

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Last updated on: 29.10.2020