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Eczema Scrotal eczema

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Polyetiological dermatitis of the scrotal skin of various etiologies. Often cumulative-toxic, more rarely contact-allergic triggered or appearing as a manifestation form of a lichen simplex chroncius . Not infrequently a minimal variant of atopic dermatitis.

Clinical features
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Mostly therapy-resistant, chronic dermatitis, which is conspicuous by its sometimes excruciating itching (note: the itching leads to the doctor!). The itching is particularly aggravated by stressful situations or long periods of sitting in uncomfortable clothing. Such situations can build up to a torturous itching scenario in observed civilized surroundings where one cannot afford to scratch.

Differential diagnosis
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Candidosis; skin changes in the context of psoriasis vulgaris; pruritus sine materia.

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Avoid or reduce the exposure to contact toxins. Topical glucocorticoids: Do not use highly potent topical glucocorticoids, do not use them for a long time and do not use them under occlusion! Omit soaps and detergents, cleanse with oil-containing baths (Balneum Hermal, Balmandol, Linola Fat Oil Bath). Treatment with refatting topical creams in a compatible base (Alfason repair, Linola Fett, Vaselinum alb., Excipial Almond Oil Ointment), if necessary addition of 2-10% urea (e.g. Eucerin Urea, Basodexan). Alternatively dexpanthenol cream(e.g. Bepanthen cream). Zarzenda cream (internationally known as Atopiclair) is approved in Germany. This is a steroid-free multicomponent cream with a strong antipruritic, anti-inflammatory effect (apply 2 times/day). Physiogel AI cream for itching can also be tried.

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Tacrolimus for the antipruritic therapy was successfully applied in isolated case reports.

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Last updated on: 11.10.2021