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Dermatophytide; lichen trichophyticus; Mycid:; Trichophytide

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Acute, hyperergic hematogenous scatter reaction(Id reaction) in mycoses with the formation of symmetrical, maculo-papular, also dyshidrotic eruptions on hands and feet; also nodular and multiforme, more rarely pustular efflorescences, especially on the extremities and/or trunk. See also Id reaction, epidermophytid, trichophytid (Gorgievska-Sukarovska B et al. 2017).

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Th1-mediated immune reaction, which can occur as a "remote reaction" to a (usually pronounced and longstanding) mycosis.

Mycides may also develop, for example, during systemic therapy of tinea corporis (DD. drug lexanthem).

In addition to maculo-papular and dyshidrotic lesions on hands and feet, generalized small-papular, follicular exanthema (lichen trichophyticus) may also develop (Mayser P 2017).

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Local anti-inflammatory therapy (mild glucocorticoid creams); oral therapy with glucocorticoids may be considered if clinical symptoms are pronounced. It is important to continue the consistent treatment of the underlying mycotic disease.

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