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Melan A

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Kawakami 1994

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Acronym for "Melanoma Antigen Recognized by T-cells." Synonym for MART1, melanoma A is short for "melanocyte antigen." The protein was sequenced by two independently researching groups (Melan-A - Coulie et al.; MART1 - Kawakami et al.).

The MART1 antigen is a melanoma-specific protein recognized by cytotoxic T cells. It is expressed by benign melanocytic naevi and malignant melanomas. The antibody A103, which is commonly used in dermatohistology, is suitable to detect the MART1 antigen in cells of melanotic origin. MART1 negative malignant melanomas are mostly spindle cell or desmoplastic melanomas (see below melanoma, malignes).

AK also reacts positively with angiomyolipomas and with steroid hormone-producing cells of the adrenal gland, the ovary and the testis, especially with carcinomas of these organs.

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  2. Nielsen PS et al(2011) Immunohistochemical double stains against Ki67/MART1 and HMB45/MITF: promising diagnostic tools in melanocytic lesions. At J Dermatopathol 33:361-370

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