Keratosis lichenoid actinic L57.0

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benign lichenoid keratosis; lichenoid actinic keratosis; lichenoid keratosis; lichen-planus-like actinic keratosis; Lichen planus solitaire; lichen-planus type keratosis; LPLAK; solitary lichen planus

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Variant of keratosis actinica: Occurring in sun-exposed areas, usually solitary, hyperkeratotic, reddish-brownish, macroscopically uncharacteristic flat papule with the histologic aspects of interface dermatitis.

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Mainly occurring in older women.

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S.a. Keratosis actinica. Pronounced interface dermatits. In addition, the phenomena of actinic keratosis with disordered epithelial structure, focal parakeratosis, and polymorphous keratinocytes are found on light-damaged skin.

Differential diagnosis
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Last updated on: 14.02.2023