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Universal saturation of the tissues with dissolved bile dyes at a serum bilirubin level of at least 1 mg%. Recognizable first by the conjunctiva and soft palate. A distinction is made between:
  • Flavinicterus (haemolytic icterus): Straw-yellow flavinic colour in cases of haemolytic anaemia or other massive erythrocyte breakdown.
  • Haemolytic familial icterus: Minkowski-Chauffard-Gänsslen syndrome.
  • Melas icterus: Dirty dark green colour in cachectic cirrhosis of the liver or liver tumour patients.
  • Ruby icterus: Intense yellow-red colour in hepatocellular icterus (diffuse hepatitis).
  • Verdin icterus = occlusive icterus: Greenish shade in mechanical obstruction of the bile ducts, often pruritus.
  • Zieve syndrome: alcohol-induced icterus with hyperlipidemia and haemolytic anaemia.

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Treatment of the respective underlying disease.

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