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calcification of the skin; Calcinosis of the skin; cutaneous calcification; Cutaneous calcinosis

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Deposition of precipitated calcium salts (amorphous calcium phosphate with small amounts of calcium carbonate) in the dermis and subcutis.

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A distinction is made between:

Remark: In the American literature the terms calcinosis metabolica, dystrophica and idiopathica are used synonymously. This seems to be a useful and pragmatic solution from a clinical point of view. Therefore, in this encyclopedia, these terms are listed individually, but are treated under the term "Calcinosis dystrophica".

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Calcium and phosphate ions are present in stable solution in the extracellular fluid. If the solubility point is exceeded, precipitation of hydroxyapatite occurs. Cause: Systemic (metastatic calcinosis) or local, by dystrophic local processes, e.g. alkalization, calcinosis metabolica. In metastatic calcinosis the serum calcium phosphate levels are pathological, in the dystrophic and metabolic form normal.

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More common in systemic scleroderma, for example, see CREST syndrome.

Differential diagnosis
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Oxalosis of the skin

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