Department Vascular medicine

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

One of the most well-known German dermatologists with decades of expertise in clinical dermatology. Professor emeritus at the Ruhr-University-Bochum, author of more than 30 textbooks and more than 700 scientific publications.

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof. Dr. Eberhard Rabe, Bonn
  • Prof. Dr. Tobias Görge, Münster
  • PD Dr. Birgit Kahle, Lübeck
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Dissemond
  • Prof. Dr. Knut Kröger, Krefeld
  • Prof. Dr. Achim Mumme, Bochum

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Mibelli's angiokeratoma

Mibelli's angiokeratoma History Cottle, 1879; Mibelli, 1889 Definition Rare, autosomal-dominant, gynecotropic hereditary disease characterized by acrally localized multiple angiokeratomas. Manifestation First occurrence often in puberty; predominantly in vagotonic patients with cold intolerance a...

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