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veinctasia; venous lake

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Diffuse, uniform dilatation of a vein or venous complex, which can be round or cylindrical, tortuous or tendrilous.

Phlebectasia is to be distinguished from the terms varice and varicosis.

Phlebectasia of the pampiniform plexus is called varicocele.

The sublingual venous systems which often become more prominent and varicose at the age of 60 years or older are called "caviar tongue". They are completely harmless and do not indicate an underlying disease.

Phlebectasia of the lower lip is (wrongly) called "senile angioma" or lip margin angioma, although it is often only a conglomeration of capillary ectasia.

Vascular ectasia occurring at various other sites, especially in the facial region, is not prejudicially referred to as such or as "venous lakes".

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Lower lip (see also angioma, seniles of the lips), cheek mucosa, cheeks, lower leg.

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Thickening of the intima by fibroelastosis and hyperplasia of the media muscles.

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In the lower lip area, if cosmetically disturbing, close excision or laser therapy. Phlebektasia in the area of venous insufficiency can be treated with foam sclerotherapy. See also chronic venous insufficiency. In other localisations, cosmetic aspects will be in the foreground, in addition to the need for therapy.


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Last updated on: 29.10.2020