Vinca alkaloids

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(e) vinca alkaloids; Vinca alkaloids

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Group of about 70 partly semi-synthetically modified alkaloids from different evergreen species. Vinca alkaloids inhibit cell division in the metaphase and block DNA and RNA synthesis. The mitosis inhibitors vinblastine and vincristine, for example, are of great importance as cytostatic agents in the chemotherapy of tumour patients.

Vinca alkaloids originate from various evergreen species belonging to the dog poison family, including the Madagascan evergreen (Catharanthus roseus, syn. Vinca rosea) and the small evergreen (Vinca minor).

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  • Vinblastine and vincristine (dimeric alkaloids with cytostatic properties; nuclear spindle poisons)
  • Vincamine (antihypertensive and sedative; use in homeopathy, D1-D6)
  • Vindolin (antidiabetic effect)
  • Vinflunine, vinorelbine (semi-synthetic Vinca alkaloids).

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