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ALT refers to an enzyme that catalyzes a reversible transamination between L- alanine and 2- oxoglutarate to pyruvate and L- glutamate (Gressner 2012).

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ALT, together with the enzyme AST (GOT), is also referred to as "transaminases" (Kindermann 2007).

General information
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ALT, together with AST (GOT) and GLDH (glutamate dehydrogenase), are indicators of liver cell damage (Herold 2022).

ALT itself represents a liver-specific enzyme (Herold 2022). It is localized 85% in the cytosol and 15% in the mitochondria of the liver cell (Halwachs- Baumann 2011).

The ALT- normal value is < 35 U / l in women and < 45 U / l in men (Lohmann 2020).

An increase in ALT is a clear indication of liver or biliary disease (Lohmann 2020).

Otherwise, it can be caused by:

- physical stress

In this case, there is only a slight increase in ALT - in contrast to AST, which can rise sharply due to physical activity (Kindermann 2007).

- acute hepatitis

- biliary tract diseases

- (toxic) liver damage (Lohmann 2020)

- Steatohepatitis (Halwachs- Baumann 2011).

Regarding the cause of steatohepatitis, the quotient AST / ALT (GOT / GPT) plays a role: if this is < 1, it is an indication of a non-alcoholic cause; if, on the other hand, it is ≥ 2, it indicates an alcohol-related steatohepatitis (Halwachs- Baumann 2011).

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