Unna, paul gerson

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

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(¤ 1850, † 1929) Born in 1850 as the son of a general practitioner in Hamburg. From 1870 medical studies in Heidelberg. 1875 under Waldeyer doctorate. Until 1884 changing positions, among others with his father in Hamburg. 1882 together with O. Lassar and F. Hebra foundation of the "Monatshefte für praktische Dermatologie". 1881 foundation of his own dermatological clinic. 1887 First description and clinical definition of seborrhoeic eczema. 1890 First description of parakeratosis variegata, clear clinical differentiation from other diseases of the parapsoriasis group. 1889 together with Taenzer, first description of the ulerythema ophryogenes. 1890 together with Pollitzer and Janovsky, first description of acanthosis nigricans. Together with Beiersdorf and Troplowitz, Unna introduced ichthyol into the therapy of skin diseases. In 1907 the city of Hamburg awarded him the title of professor. In 1919 he was appointed professor of dermatology at the newly founded Hamburg University.


Last updated on: 29.10.2020