Lassar, oskar

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  • (¤ 1849,  21.12.1907) The dermatologist Lassar, who came from a wealthy Jewish merchant family in Hamburg, began his medical studies in Heidelberg in 1869. Doctorate in Würzburg.
  • 1878 Start of dermatological training with Ferdinand von Hebra in Vienna. In the same year he moved to Berlin to Georg Richard Lewin. 1880 habilitation.
  • 1880 Opening of a specialist dermatological practice in Berlin. 1884 Foundation of a private clinic, also in Berlin, near the Charité. He acquired a nationwide reputation as a clinical dermatologist. The so-called Lassar`sche Schälpaste became a general therapeutic principle in the treatment of eczema. With PG Unna he developed the pasta zinci mollis. From 1882 he was co-editor of the "Monatshefte für Praktische Dermatologie" (Monthly Bulletins for Practical Dermatology) which was continued from 1912 as "Dermatologische Wochenschrift" (Dermatological Weekly). Lassar died in a car accident.

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