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Nail roughness; Rough nails; Sandpapered nails; Sandpaper nails; Trachyonychia

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Trachyonychia is the non-prejudicial term for "rough nails", a polyaetiological symptom which may be acquired (e.g. due to permanent traumatic or chemical irritation of the nail plate) or may occur in the context of systemic diseases (e.g. lichen planus, psoriasis vulgaris, Darier's disease) or congenital. Trachyonychia can also occur in older people as a sign of a general disturbance of cell growth.

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Clinical features
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Roughness of the nail surface with grey discoloration of the nail plate; the nails become brittle, splinter at the free edge and may have longitudinal furrows.

According to Haber, 2 clinical forms can be distinguished (Haber JS et al. 2017):

  1. the non-transparent (opaque) trachyonychia which is characterized by a flat, grey surface rippling of the nail plate
  2. the transparent (shiny) trachyonychia with small "pits" on the nail plate

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Intensified care of the nail plate e.g. by means of nail polishes with caring ingredients. The aim of their application is protection of the nail matrix, moisture regulation and remineralization. Preparations with urea (Visurea) as well as active ingredient combinations with hydroxypropylchitosan, sulphur and horsetail (Sililevo) as well as octopirox and hydroxypropylchitosan (Myfungar) are available.

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Last updated on: 18.12.2020