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Sperm biocytogram

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Totality of the findings of an ejaculate examination in men with the question of fertility.

General information
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At least 2 spermiograms at intervals of 7-21 days required to assess intra-individual variations in quality Assessment of ejaculate according to WHO normal values (see Table 1) for:
  • Viscosity
  • Liquefaction
  • Volume (reduces during stress and retrograde ejaculation)
  • pH value (1 hour after ejaculate extraction; pH indicator paper with measuring width 6.4-8 and 6.1-10)
  • Number of spermatozoa (possibly after centrifugation; azoospermia only if no spermatozoa are visible after centrifugation)
  • Sperm morphology (sperm head, middle part, tail) according to WHO criteria:
    • Abnormal shape and/or size of the sperm head: Large heads, small heads, vacuoles (> 20% of the head surface), hyperextensions (cigar-shaped, pear-shaped), amorphous, double heads.
    • Defects of the neck or middle part: absence of the tail, irregular base of the flagellum with folds, defects in the shape of the middle part (irregular shape, folds, dilated, thin).
    • Tail defects: Flagellum too short, variations in calibre, kinked flagellum, rolling of flagellum, double/multiple tails.
    • Cytoplasmic drops (> 1/3 of the sperm head).

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After a standardized sexual leave of 5 days, the ejaculate is freshly obtained by masturbation and examined in the andrological laboratory.

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Normal values


≥ 2 ml

Viscosity (thread length of a falling drop)

< approx. 2 cm


≥ 7.2-7.8


after 60 minutes at the latest.

Sperm concentration

≥ 20 million/ml

Total number of spermatozoa

≥ 40 million/ml


≥ 50% (WHO a+b) or 25% (WHOa)


≥ 15% Normal forms

Proportion of vital spermatozoa

≥ 50%

Peroxidase-positive cells (leukocytes)

≤ 1 million/ml

Ejaculate fructose

> 120 mg/dl


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