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Large Nodular Sarcoidosis

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Besnier, 1889

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Rare, plaque or nodular form of sarcoidosis with blue-red, frostbitten 3.0-5.0 cm plaques or nodules on cheeks, earlobes and nose.

Clinical features
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On cheeks, nose, forehead and earlobes up to 5.0 cm in size, blurred, round or oval, deep red plaques, reddish-blue plaques at lower outside temperatures or slightly elevated, surface-smooth firm knots. No significant subjective symptoms. The surface structure may change irregularly like a pavement during longer periods of time.

Furthermore, there is a risk of ulceration of the lesions if they remain in place for many years, which can lead to nasal septum defects and associated instability of the cartilaginous nasal skeleton if they are located on the nose and upper lip.

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There are reports that this form of sarcoidosis is more often associated with sarcoidosis of internal organs, especially the upper respiratory tract and lungs (monitoring sign).

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Remark: In our opinion the term "Lupus pernio" has only historical meaning. It is suggested to use this term only in parentheses in a diagnostic table, especially since for large-nodular facial involvement a syndromal peculiarity compared to other large-nodular sarcoidosis localizations is not assured (Anjaneyan G et al. 2013).

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