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(¤ 1838,  1904), dermatologist. Köbner was born on 2.12.1838 in Breslau. Heinrich Köbner studied medicine in Breslau and Berlin. Doctorate in 1859, followed by dermatological training in Vienna and Paris. In Vienna he worked under F.v.Hebra. 1861 return to Breslau. Here he settled as a general practitioner. In the same year he founded a private clinic for skin diseases. 1869 Habilitation with the subject: "About sycosis and its relation to mycosis tonsurans". 1872 Köbner achieved the foundation of a university clinic for skin diseases. At the same time he was appointed as the first dermatological full professor at the University Clinic of Wroclaw. In 1877 Köbner had to say goodbye due to illness. His successor was Oskar Simon. Today, Köbner is mainly known for the "Köbner phenomenon". 1896 First description of the Epidermolysis bullosa simplex Köbner.

Note: Köbner with O, OE or nevertheless Ö

The internationalisation of medicine is a difficult fate for the upright advocate of the German language. This is the fate of Mr Heinrich Köbner, the first person to describe this disease, and others who were unfortunately born with an umlaut in their name. This is not found on any international computer keyboard. The smart phones of this world display umlauts only reluctantly with the most energetic insistence. Thus one finds the name Koebner or Kobner, which means the same author, namely the genuine Koebner. To deny the ö now would be the smooth method of the conformist, to savour the ö upright leads straight into the international nirvana, which ö to degrade ö to o may meet with unwillingness in the German kinship. What is left for such a tormented person: we have no answer to this question, but Mr. Köbner is not really interested anymore, he died already in 1904.

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