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(¤ 29.04.1778,  1821) Dermatologist. Born in Whitby (Yorkshire) as son of a surgeon. In 1797 he began his medical studies in London at the Windmill Street School of Anatomy, an institute founded by the famous anatomist Dr. William Hunter. In 1798 he continued his studies in Edinburgh; in 1801 he passed his exams there. Afterwards return to London, where he became a student of Robert Willan at the "Carey Street Public Dispensary". Bateman was a congenial pupil and collaborator of Robert Willan and helped Willan's systematics to a breakthrough through his lively publishing activities. In 1811, after R. Willan had retired (for health reasons), he took over his office and functions. Bateman first published Willan's most important work, "Practical synopsis of cutaneous diseases according to the arrangement of Dr. Willan" in London in 1813. In this systematics descriptions of the mollusca contagiosa and lupus (corresponding to today's lupus vulgaris) appear for the first time.

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  1. Bateman Th (1840) Delineations of cutaneous Diseases, exhibiting the characteristic appearances ot the principial genera and species, comprised in the classification of Willan, and completing the series of engravings began by that author. Henry G Bohn, London
  2. Bateman Th (1830) Illustrations of skin diseases, showing the characteristic features of the genera and species according to Willan's classification. According to the English. With 40 copper plates printed in colour in dotted manner. Landes-Industrie-Comptoir, Weimar


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