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Ascaridols (engl.)

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Ascaridol, a liquid belonging to the terpenes, which is a component of chenopodium oil (see Chenopodium oil = Oleum chenonopodii anthelmintici), the oil of the American wormwood. Ascaridol is an oxidation product of alpha-pinene. It is slightly soluble in water but soluble in ether. Miscible with fatty oils.
Ascaridol is, among other terpenes, a component of tea tree oil.

The substance has a significant contact allergenic potency (a 2% application form in a vaseline base is recommended as the optimum test concentration for an epicutaneous test).
Ascaridol is also used in folk medicine as an anthelmintic against ascarid and roundworms. Ascaridol is less effective with oxyurs. MED and MTD 0.6g. In children 0.025g per year of age.
Experimentally an effectiveness against leishmania could be proven.

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