Adams-oliver syndrome Q82.4

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Absence defects of limbs; AOS; aplasia cutis congenita with terminal transverse defects of limbs; scalp and skull; scalp defects with ectrodactyly

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Adams and Oliver, 1945

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Rare hereditary syndrome with varying degrees of aplasia cutis circumscripta of the scalp, underlying bony cranial defect, variable severity of ectodactyly and vascular malformations of varying expressiveness.

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Heterogeneous, both autosomal dominant inheritance with variable expressivity and reduced penetrance and autosomal recessive inheritance are described. Mutations in the NOTCH1 gene and the DOCK6 gene were detected.

Clinical features
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Scalp defects (Aplasia cutis circumscripta), bony cranial defects, dysmelia, syndactyly, cutis marmorata teleangiectatica congenita, cardiac vitae,

were also observed:

  • localized (scarred) alopecia (probably as a result of aplasia cutis)
  • accessory nipples
  • Malformation of the optic nerve and the optic papilla of the optic nerve
  • small or missing finger- and toenails

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