Accounting figures, dermatological

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Last updated on: 29.10.2020

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Accounting figures; Accounting tips; GOÄ

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No.200 GOÄ (The federation): Ointment bandages can be calculated according to number 200. The insertion of gauze strips, e.g. between the toes, with or without medication, does not in itself constitute a bandage in the sense of No. 200 GOÄ. Calculable are the locally effective salicyl patches. Even the occlusal dressing for topical PDT is calculable.

No. 204 GOÄ (circular bandage of the head or trunk - also as a wound bandage, stabilising bandage of the neck, shoulder or hip joint or of a limb; here over at least two large joints, also possible as a tubular bandage.

  • Compression bandage. This includes all compression bandages; the service content is fulfilled even if no joints are included. A phlebological compression bandage must be applied with at least two special bandages.
  • The compression bandage is part of the service legend for No.204 GOÄ and can be invoiced in addition to surgical services. The general provision in Section C that a wound dressing is not chargeable in addition to surgical services refers to No. 200 GOÄ.
  • Note: A post-puncture compression dressing is not a compression dressing within the meaning of paragraph 204.

No.206 GOÄ (Tape bandage of a small joint): The finger and toe joints are considered small joints.

No.209 GOÄ (large-area application of externals): This refers to the application of ointments, creams, powders, lotions or solutions which are needed to treat skin diseases of at least one region of the body. According to GOA-BÄK decision also calculable for the application of the photosensitizer in topical PDT.


Last updated on: 29.10.2020