Tartaric acid (l+)

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acidum tartaricum; CAS No 87-69-4; Tartaric acid; tartaric acid (engl.); Threaric acid

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L-(+)-tartaric acid is a tartaric acid that can be found in many fruits (rowanberries, grapes) as well as in dandelions and hawthorn and many others. Tartaric acid is a fruit acid (dicarboxylic acid: COOH - CHOH - CHOH - COOH), which is approved as a food additive under E 334 in Europe. It is obtained from wine residues, tartrate or wine yeast. The salts of tartaric acid are called tartrates. Sodium, potassium, sodium/potassium tartrate are authorised as food additives under E 335.

Field of application/use
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Food additive (E 335) Acidity agent, acidity regulator. As a flavour corrector in sherbet powders and lemonades.

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Last updated on: 29.10.2020