Repeated open application test

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

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Epicutaneous test; Epicutaneous test repeated open application test; repeated open application test; ROAT

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Epicutaneous test procedure for clarifying an unclear or questionable test reaction in the standard epicutaneous test in order to better assess the question of clinical relevance. Here, the allergen is applied daily for 1 week without occlusion in a marked field on the inner side of the upper arm. Afterwards, the test reaction is evaluated according to the conditions of the standard epicutaneous test.

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One modification was the use test.

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  1. Villarama CD et al (2004) Correlations of patch test reactivity and the repeated open application test(ROAT)/provocative use test (PUT). Food Chem Toxicol 42: 1719-1725

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