Atopic hand dermatitis L20.8

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Last updated on: 27.12.2022

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Atopic dermatitis of the hands; Atopic hand dermatitis; atopic hand eczema; chronic atopic hand dermatitis; chronic atopic hand eczema; chronic hand eczema; Eczema atopic; Hand dermatitis atopic; Hand eczema atopic; Hand eczema chronic atopic

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Minus variant of atopic eczema in adults. Dyshidrotic skin lesions on the backs of hands and fingers, less frequently on the palms.

Clinical features
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The clinical picture of atopic hand dermatitis (syn. atopic hand eczema) (the same applies to atopic foot dermatitis) depends crucially on the degree of acuity of the inflammatory reaction. This varies between minimal variants up to weeping or pyodermic maximum variants. On the basis of an atopic diathesis or a latent atopic hand (foot) dermatitis, severe hand (foot) dermatitis can develop due to superimposed external influences (cumulative toxic damage, or contact sensitization), which considerably impairs daily activities.

Minus variants of hand (foot) dermatitis are:

Classic (full-blown acute, subacute or chronic) clinical variants are:

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According to the recommendations for hand dermatitis Hand dermatitis . S.a.u. Dermatitis, atopic.


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Last updated on: 27.12.2022