Vegetable asparagus

Authors: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer, Prof. Dr. med. Martina Bacharach-Buhles

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Asparagus; Asparagus officinalis

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The vegetable asparagus, also called common asparagus or Asparagus officinalis, belongs to the genus Asparagus (Asparagus). The actual area of distribution of asparagus lies in the temperate regions of Southern and Central Europe, North Africa and the Near East.

General information
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Asparagus is a deciduous and persistent plant. It forms a rhizome from which fleshy, spiral, whitish or slightly reddish shoots emerge. These stems grow between 60 cm and 1.5 m tall. Asparagus flowers in June and July. The berries of Asparqgus officinalis are scarlet red in colour and slightly poisonous.

Asparagus officinalis is the parent plant of Asparagi rhizoma, the rhizome (with roots) dug, dried and cut in autumn, which has been positively monographed by Commission E.

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