Avena herba

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Avena herba is the green above-ground part of the oat plant harvested before full bloom. The oat herb is used fresh or dried. see also oat straw, Avenae stramentum

HMPC - Monograph: taditional use: Internal: Relief of mild stress symptoms, sleep aid.

ESCOP monograph: not processed.

Commission-E mon ograph: negative adoptions, "zero monograph"

Folk medicine for acute and chronic states of anxiety, tension and excitement, skin diseases, connective tissue weakness, bladder weakness, as a restorative and tonic.

Oat extract from young plants, Rheaalba®, shows a regulating effect on dendritic cells, inhibition of the proliferation of T-helper cells, regulation of effector T-cells, reduction of IL 2 by 31%, IL4 by 19%, IL5 by 5% and IL 13 by 43% and reduction of prostaglandin PG 6 KF1 by 57% and corresponding reduction of leukotriene production. In clinical studies, the SCORAD index was reduced by 66% within 3 weeks.

Pregnancy/nursing period
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insufficient data, not recommended

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Allergy to one of the ingredients, children and adolescents under 12 years no sufficient data

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