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"Aut idem" is a pharmaceutical term (literal translation: or a like) whereby a doctor allows a pharmacist to dispense to a patient a medicinal product different, but identical in active ingredient, from the one prescribed by name.

Aut-simile rule for phytotherapuetics: For herbal medicinal products, an aut- idem rule is only possible if a detailed comparative phytochemical analysis taking into account the co-effectors is available. For phytotherapeutics, however, the aut-simile rule is conceivable, literally meaning "or similar".

Aut-simile rule since the SARS-CoV-2 drug supply regulation: With the coming into force of this drug supply regulation, pharmacies have been granted further far-reaching possibilities in addition to aut-idem substitution: In the case of unavailability of a prescribed drug, they may, for example, deviate from the package size, the number of packages or the active strength. The withdrawal of partial quantities from pre-packaged medicinal products is also permitted.

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