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Antibodies against smooth musculature; Anti-SMA antibodies; ASMA

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Anti-SMA antibodies are a heterogeneous group of autoantibodies directed against microfilaments, microtubules and intermediate filaments of human smooth muscle. SMA is the acronym for "smooth muscle antigen". Mainly polymerized actin is recognized as antigen. Intermediate smooth muscle filaments are found in smooth muscle cells, but also in other tissues such as liver and kidney tissue.

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Test material: Serum

Determination method: Immunofluorescence on rat kidney tissue, fibroblast cultures

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Elevated levels of ASMA: autoimmune hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis; polymyositis (30% SMA detectable); concomitant phenomenon in various diseases. viral infections, post-myocardial infarction syndrome (Dressler syndrome), post-cardiotomy syndrome.

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