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Autoantibodies against the zinc transporter 8 of the B cell; ZnT8-AK

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The antibody against the zinc transporter 8 is a new marker in the prognosis and diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. The detection of this antibody indicates a high risk of diabetes. ZnT8 antibodies are detected in 80% of newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics, while controls showed 2%, type 2 diabetics <3%, patients with other autoimmune diseases up to 20% ZnT8 antibodies.

ZnT8-AK are detected in 25-30% of type 1 diabetics, in whom no other diabetes specific autoantibodies (islet cell, insulin, GAD, IA-2 antibodies) were detectable. When the established diabetes autoantibodies are determined in combination with the ZnT8 antibody, the diagnostic sensitivity can be increased to over 90% in freshly manifested type 1 diabetes. There is a very good correlation of ZnT8 antibody with mass and function of beta cells.

General information
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The zinc transporter ZnT 8 is a transmembrane protein of the secretory vesicles of beta cells. ZnT 8 is highly beta cell specific and belongs to a large family of cation-efflux transporters, at least 7 of which are expressed in the pancreatic islets. ZnT8 is encoded by the gene SLC30A8 (Solute carrier family 30, member 8). There is a correlation between ZnT8 polymorphisms and type 2 diabetes.

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