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Antibodies against soluble liver specific antigen; Antibodies to Soluble Liver Antigen/Liver-Pancreas Antigen; SLA/LP

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Anti-SLA/LP antibodies (SLA stands for the acronym for "soluble liver-antigen", LP for liver/pancreas) are directed against the enzyme O-phosphoseryl-tRNA: selenocysteinyl-tRNA-synthase (SepSecS).

High-titre SLA/LP antibodies are characteristic (usually in combination with high-titre ANA) for AIH type 1, but have a low sensitivity.

General information
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Autoantibodies against soluble liver/pancreatic antigen (SLA/LP) are, like the autoantibodies ANA, ASMA and LKM, an essential marker in the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis (AiH) type 1.

Anti SLA/LP occur in AiH alone or together with ANA and ASMA. However, their prevalence is only between 10% and 30%, but the predictive value is close to 100%. If the clinical symptoms are present, any positive SLA/LP result is evidence of autoimmune hepatitis. The antibodies and do not occur in viral hepatitis. Thus, the detection of anti SLA/LP antibodies allows the diagnosis of AIH and allows a precise differentiation from viral hepatitis.

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Material: 1 ml serum; Unit: U/ml; Reference range: < 20 U/ml

Method: Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay; Immunnoblot

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Concentrations >20U/ml are evaluated as positive. The level of autoantibodies does not correlate with disease activity.

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