Quality of life index for atopic dermatitis

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

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Quality of Life Index for Atopic Dermatitis (QoLIAD), based on a multicenter study conducted in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. S.a.u. Quality of life.

General information
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Questionnaire with 25 questions: Statements can be answered with "applies" or "does not apply". The score ranges from 0-25; high score means low quality of life.
  1. I worry about my appearance
  2. I have no self-confidence
  3. I avoid physical contact
  4. I get embarrassed when I am with people I don't know very well
  5. My life revolves around my condition
  6. I feel tense all the time
  7. I just want to shut myself away
  8. I can't wear the clothes I want to wear
  9. I feel that people don't want to touch me
  10. It is always on my mind
  11. I don't want people to see my skin
  12. It affects my concentration
  13. I sometimes feel like crying
  14. I worry that people will not accept me
  15. I hate seeing myself in the mirror
  16. I find it hard to relax
  17. I can't concentrate on anything else
  18. I lose a lot of time to my eczema
  19. I am embarrassed about my appearance
  20. There is no release from it
  21. I worry about meeting people
  22. It stops me doing the things I want to do
  23. I have to push myself to do things
  24. The eczema affects everything I do
  25. I can't bear anyone touching me

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  1. Whalley D et al (2004) A new instrument for assessing quality of life in atopic dermatitis: international development of the Quality of Life Index for Atopic Dermatitis (QoLIAD). Br J Dermatol 150: 274-283

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