Psoriasis vulgaris chronic active plaque type L40.0

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chronic active psoriasis; chronic active psoriasis vulgaris

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Clinical course of plaque psoriasis, which is characterized by a constant shearing activity. This distinction has a clinical relevance in that the chronically active plaque type cannot be sufficiently treated with local therapy measures. It generally requires systemic therapy.

Clinical features
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Usually numerous, localized or disseminated, with little or no pre-treatment, whitish scaling, variously elevated (infiltrated) papules and plaques of different size, configuration and elevation; there is a constant or intermittent endogenous eruption pressure (see also overview chapter Psoriasis), so that in addition to older, mostly large-area and constant-location plaques, there are also "younger" papules or plaques with small foci.

Local treatment is certainly successful locally in this type of psoriasis, but it cannot prevent relapses and thus the recurrence of psoriatic lesions. Thus, local therapeutic measures, even if effective, are mostly unsatisfactory. Systemic therapy is indicated for this type of psoriasis.

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General therapy
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