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Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

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Last updated on: 29.10.2020

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Myfungar nail polish; Sililevo nail polish; Visurea nail polish

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Topically applicable therapeutic principle for the application of medicamentous active substances (e.g. antimycotics) or care substances in a lacquer base on finger or toenails (see also nail care).

General definition
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  • There are currently only a few medical nail polishes on the market, some of them are approved as drugs, some of them fall under the Medical Devices Act. In medical nail varnishes, various varnish bases are commonly used (especially nitrocellulose, collodium, hydro lacquer). Products approved as onychomycotic nail varnishes sometimes also use gantrez varnish (nail batrafen) or polyacrylate varnish (loceryl) as film formers. Medical nail polish formulations usually adhere much less long or less firmly than cosmetic nail polishes and can be removed without nail polish remover or other aggressive solvents.
  • Besides the onychomycotic nail varnishes (see also Ciclopirox, Amorolfin, Bifonazole, Clotrimazole) which either have a marketing authorization as finished product or are available as extemporaneous formulation, also nail varnishes are becoming increasingly popular as carriers of caring ingredients. The aim of their application is to protect the nail matrix, moisture regulation and remineralization. Preparations with urea (Visurea) as well as active ingredient combinations with hydroxypropylchitosan, sulfur and horsetail (Sililevo) and octopirox and hydroxypropylchitosan (Myfungar) are available.

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  • Visurea®: Apply thinly with a brush once a day, several times a day if necessary. The paint is removed with a soft brush and under warm water.
  • Sililevo®: 1 time a day, apply in the evening by brush.
  • Myfungar®: 1 time a day, apply in the evening with a brush.


Last updated on: 29.10.2020