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Aedes; Anopheles

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Mosquitoes are slender, thin- and long-legged bipeds with many-limbed, serrated antennae whose mouthparts are often transformed into biting organs.

Of particular medical importance is the family of mosquitoes (Culicidae). These include the common mosquitoes, the gnats, the fever mosquitoes (Anopheles) as vectors of malaria, the yellow fever mosquitoes as vectors of yellow fever, Culex species as vectors of multiple viral tropical diseases, Phlebotomes as vectors of leishmaniasis and Pappataci fever.

Black flies: painful bites, suck up exuding blood. Female black flies are obligate bloodsuckers (humans, mammals, birds). Bruising is possible due to local blood clotting inhibition.

Grits: only female grits bite. Stings of in the evening and at night.

Stinging flies: female and male stinging flies sting painfully; humans and mammals are stung. Sucking duration 8-9 minutes.

Horseflies: sting painfully from June to August. Prefers horse or cattle pastures.

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