Microsporum gypseum

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Bodin, 1907; Guiart and Grigorakis, 1928

General definition
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Geophilic dermatophyte. Saprophyte in the cycle of the keratin-degrading microflora of the soil. For humans of low pathogenetic importance and low contagiousness.

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Worldwide spread. Rarely in Europe or North America; more common in South America. Mostly pH-value independently settled in culture soil. Common in connection with occupational exposure, especially for gardeners, agricultural or forestry workers.

Clinical picture
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S.u. Microsphore. Usually starting as redness, reddened papules or reddened plaque. Very rarely infestation of hair shaft and nails, but occasionally of lanugo hair. Almost always solitary foci on uncovered parts of the body that had direct contact with the ground ("gardener microspores").

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  • Hyphae are only found in young colonies.
  • Microconidia: Rare, spindle-shaped or pear-shaped, length: 4-7 μm, width: 2-4 μm.
  • Macroconidia: Very frequent and often clustered together, thin-walled, clumsy with symmetrically rounded ends and 4-6 chambers, length: 20-70 μm, width: 7-20 μm, often collapsed with bizarre appearance when grown in dry culture environment.

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