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M-Y plastic; W-Y plastic; WY-plasty

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Suture flap plastic surgery in which one end of the excision spindle does not have a lancet-shaped end but a double-ended end to save tissue and shorten the length of the incision.

General information
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  • In the excision of a skin lesion, the incision begins spindle-shaped at a 30° angle. The opposite side experiences a short M-shaped back cut instead of the spindle-shaped run-out of the incision, which forms an inwardly directed skin triangle. Two 30° angles enclose the skin flap. A Y-shaped suture is created. If both sides of the excision area are cut in an M-shape, this is called a double M-plasty.
  • Indications: For shortening spindle-shaped excisions and saving tissue, e.g. for scar excisions, lip area and larger defects on the trunk.

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Last updated on: 29.10.2020