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(¤ 1869, † 1932) Dermatologist, born in Smichow/Bohemia, near Prague. Last representative of the classical Viennese school of dermatology. 1894 doctorate in Prague, 1896 first intern, then assistant with Moritz Kaposi in Vienna, 1902 habilitation with the topic: "On suppurations of the skin". 1903-1906 in succession to Adolf Jarisch, who died of typhoid fever, extraordinarius and director of the University Dermatological Clinic in Graz (his successor in Graz was Rudolf Matzenauer, who remains largely unknown). 1905 Appointed full professor. 1906-1908, as successor of Filipp Josef Pick, extraordinarius and head of the University Clinic of Dermatology in Prague. 1908 appointment as full professor in Prague. Scientific work on the topics: "Angioneuroses", "Blistering in nervous diseases", pathogenesis of eczema, questions about pigmentation of the skin, pioneer of chemotherapy for the field of dermatology.

The textbook written by Karl Kreibich (1904) reflects the standard of its time, but it has a peculiarity. This consists in the fact that the author pays special attention to the color of the skin in the case of disease. He concludes that most skin diseases are based on inflammation. Their most conspicuous symptom, hyperemia, colors the skin a vivid red. The various skin diseases then add various hues of their own to this basic color."

On Dec. 30, 1932, death from heart attack. His successor was Rudolf Bezecny.

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