Keratosis actinica erythematous type L57.00

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

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Damage to the skin caused by chronic cumulative exposure to light (> 10 to 20 years) with a clinically different appearance. Actinic keratoses are so-called precanceroses, i.e. non-invasive, early (in situ) squamous cell carcinomas. This view is underlined by new names like SCC (squamous cell carcinoma in situ) of the actinic keratosis type or KIN (keratinocytic intraepidermal neoplasia). S.a. Keratosis actinica (overview).

Clinical features
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Initially a few millimetres in size, round, oval or irregular, always sharply defined, inflammatory reddened spots, papules or plaques, also interspersed with telangiectasias, with a rough, horny surface, which is mainly noticed when palpating.

When firmly stroking over them, increased sensitivity or even pain is often indicated.

Gradual increase in size (up to 1.0 cm or larger).

Tendency to bleed after small injuries (bloody scratch marks are often visible).

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