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Erythema anulare familiale

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Colcott-Fox, 1885; Beare, 1966;

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Rare, autosomal dominant examthema disease with annular erythema (OMIM: 106500), which occurs in families in early infancy (or with internal malignant tumors). The entity of the dermatosis is still controversial. It is probably a variant of erythema anulare centrifugum. There are no publications from the last two decades. In this respect, the entity of this disease must be questioned.

In 1966, Beare described an Irish family with 4 family members over 3 generations in which exanthema with variable annular urticarial lesions persisting for a few days occurred in the first days of life. These healed with pigmentation. Neither scaling nor vesicle formation was observed (Beare JM et al. 1966). Internal diseases were not present.

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If necessary, treatment of the underlying disease (e.g. treatment of the tumour). External blanket therapy.

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