Cheek ulcer, neurotic K27.7

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Neurotic cheek ulcer

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Chronic ulceration of the buccal mucosa at the level of the dental fissure, caused by sucking and chewing of the buccal mucosa. This is an analogous cause to the morsicatio buccarum.

Differential diagnosis
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prosthetic ulcer: direct contact (pressure) points of the prosthesis

Carcinoma: very solid mucous membrane proliferation

Lichen planus mucosae: no ulcer formation but only erosive plaques

Aphthae: recurrent course; no evidence of Morsicatio buccarum

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Education of the patient, if necessary psychotherapeutic care. Antiseptic and astringent mouth rinses(tormentil-myrrh astringents (NRF 7.1.), alternatively: chlorhexidine mouth rinse solution 0.1 or 0.2% (NRF 7.2.).

If healing does not occur, excision may be necessary. Always take a tissue sample to exclude a carcinoma, lichen planus mucosae or prosthetic ulcer.

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